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2016 New Jersey Highlands Juried Art & Photography Exhibit


Photo Courtesy of Dwight Hiscano

The New Jersey Highlands Coalition, in association with the Morris Museum and Morris Arts, is proud to announce its fourth Annual Highlands Art and Photography Exhibit featuring the landscapes, flora, fauna, natural or cultural resources of the Highlands of NY, NJ, PA and CT.
Artists are invited to submit work for exhibits shown this Fall and Winter in two venues, the Morris Museum and the Atrium Gallery, both in Morristown. Winning entries and those selected for Honorable Mention will be featured in a special pop-up exhibit at the Morris Museum to be held December 16-18, 2016.  All Finalists will be featured in an extended exhibit at the Atrium Gallery, a spacious, 3 story exhibit space at the Morris County Administration Building in Morristown. 

The Atrium exhibit will run from mid-January through mid-March of 2017 with an opening reception on Thursday, January 26 from 6:30-8:30 pm, at which time prizes will be awarded. Prizes will include gift certificates for framing and printing.  Selections from both exhibits will be featured on the New Jersey Highlands Coalition website and social media sites.  Prize-winning images will accompany press releases to be sent to prominent NJ publications.

Two-dimensional art and photography featuring the landscapes, flora, fauna, natural or cultural resources of the Highlands of NY, NJ, PA and CT will be accepted for jurying  Some three dimensional work will also be considered (please see guidelines below).

Sponsored by:


Previous Finalists:


© 2016 Charles Dexter

© 2016 Nina Nemeth

© 2016 Jonathan Rush

© 2016 Moldoveanu Eduard

© 2016 Lauren Theis


Finalists accepted to the Atrium exhibit must deliver their work to:

Administration & Records Building
10 Court Street, Morristown

The exhibition dates are as follows:

Thursday, January 12 – 8:30am-midnight
Friday, January 13, 8:30am-midnight
Saturday, January 14, 10am – 4:30pm

Opening Reception 
Thursday, January 26 from 6:00-8:30pm

Thursday, March 16, 8:30am-midnight
Friday, March 17, 8:30am-midnight
Saturday, March 19, 10am-4:30pm

Other Details: 
Security/Parking:  As of March 2015, all security in the Administration & Records Building which houses the Atrium Gallery has been assumed by the Morris County Sheriff’s Office. All entries to the building must be through the main building entrance (and metal detectors) at 10 Court Street, Morristown. The Sheriff’s office is aware of the dates and times for installation and takedown and will provide free parking for artists to deliver or collect their artworks.  The reserved parking places (diagonal on left) will be coned off on Court Street – just move the cone aside in order to park in a spot and replace it when you are done.  If the weather is raining, you might want to bring a tarp to cover works until you get them into the building.

Staging area/ dollies in Room 526 (on the 5th floor) serves as a ‘staging area’ and the place where you can pick up dollies for use in transporting artwork to your floor.

Sales/Commissions: Since this is a county gallery, there are NO commissions taken for any sale. It is expected that works remain for the duration of the show and that any sold work is picked up once the show is done. 

Removal of art: Please do NOT remove any artwork until the takedown date. It is understood that by agreeing to exhibit in this show, you agree to having the art remain in place for the duration of the show.

On the night of the reception, nametags for all of the participating artists are available up in the “seating area” on the 5th floor...just come by and pick up your tag – so the public will be able to identify the artists from the viewers (and mob you with questions about your works!).

Insurance: The courthouse is an unusually secure place with metal detectors, uniformed sheriff’s officers, security cameras everywhere, etc.. The County does not have an official fine art insurance policy covering works it does not own but it is self-insured and, if a work were to be damaged or lost, artists have 90 days to file a claim with the County. A claim is most likely to be paid if the artist can substantiate the value placed on a particular work by showing that similar works by the artist have sold for comparable amounts...Just something to bear in mind. In the 20+ years that the gallery has been functioning, there have been no losses or serious damage to works.

Christine Kristiansen, in the office of the Morris County Administrator, works onsite (on the 5th floor) and should be able to answer any questions that may arise. Her number is(973) 285-6052 and her email  

Visitor’s Access to the Gallery: The Gallery is open Monday-Friday from 8:30-4:30pm.


By submitting images, each entrant agrees to the following rules:

    •       Entrants must be 18 years of age or older and must be legal residents of the United States. Employees and Trustees of New Jersey Highlands Coalition and their immediate family members are not permitted to enter.

    •       Initial entries must be in digital format (see How To Enter).

    •       Each submission must feature the flora, fauna, landscapes, natural or cultural resources typically found in the Highlands of NY, NJ, PA and CT.  Images of individual plants and animals from outside of the Highlands will be accepted as long as the species depicted is commonly found within the four-state Highlands. Please note that New Jersey’s Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge and Wilderness Area is considered part of the Highlands due to its location, and any work featuring the Great Swamp will be accepted. 

            Work selected for exhibit must be delivered, ready to hang, to the Morris Museum on Thursday, December 15, 2016.  Accepted artists who are unable to drop off at that time can make arrangements to drop their work off earlier that week at Dwight Hiscano Gallery on Mt. Kemble Ave, Morristown/Harding. Please contact Dwight at to make arrangements.

    •       All work must be picked up at the Atrium Gallery on Thursday, March 16, 8:30am - midnight, Friday, March 17, 8:30am - midnight or Saturday, March 19, 10am - 4:30pm.

    •       All work must be framed, wired, and ready to hang or it will not be accepted.

    •       Artists are encouraged, but not required to offer their work for sale at the Atrium Exhibit. If they chose to do so, proceeds will be split 70/30, with 70% of the sale price going to the artist and 30% going to the New Jersey Highlands Coalition.

    •       Work must be limited to 35 inches on its longest side when framed. Accepted work will include photographs (color or black and white), original paintings, drawings, and pastels. Original mixed media, wall sculpture, and carvings are accepted as long as each piece is suitable for hanging and extends no more than 4 inches from the wall when hung.  Wall sculpture and carvings will be hung only in the Atrium Gallery.  We are, unfortunately unable to accept free standing sculpture at this time. 

    •       Photographs must not be heavily manipulated; only minor burning, dodging, contrast and color adjustments are permitted. Photographs employing heavy use of High Dynamic Range will not be accepted. Heavily manipulated photographs or portions of photographs may be accepted as “mixed media” only if another medium is employed in the same piece.

    •       All work must be the property of the entrant; entrant must be the copyright owner and the work must not infringe on the rights of others. Submitted work must not contain any offensive, sexually explicit, or inappropriate content.

    •       Work depicting any recognizable person or persons must be accompanied by a signed model release. (Please see this article for more information regarding model releases)

    •       Entrants will retain copyrights to their work. Entrants acknowledge, however, that by entering this competition, they grant the New Jersey Highlands Coalition the right to reproduce, distribute, and display all work submitted in any form in connection with the Exhibits, or for promotion of the Exhibits.

How to enter

The fee to enter is $15.00 for up to three images. Please pay your registration fee via Paypal.

    •       Artists may only enter once, and may enter no more than three images.

    •       Submissions are accepted by email only and must be sent to

    •       All images must be submitted in digital jpeg format. Each image must be 72 dpi, sized between 1024 and 1280 pixels on its longest side, and must not exceed 2 megabytes.

    •       Images must be labeled with entrant’s last name, first name, image number, and title (ex: Smith_John_1_Sunrise_Lake_Hopatcong).

    •       Submission must include the following information in the body of the email: entrant’s name, email address, physical address and phone number, followed by a caption list that corresponds with the numbered images. Caption list must also include outside/framed dimensions of each piece, its medium, and additional info, if necessary.

    •       If offered for sale, the price for each piece must also be included.

    •       Entrants must include a copy of their Paypal receipt with their submission.

    •       Finally, a brief statement (one or two sentences) explaining how the work relates to the Highlands – location, subject, etc. – should be included if not stated in the caption.

Please contact with any questions.




Prizes provided by: