Highlands Advocates

The New Jersey Highlands Coalition depends on dedicated, local advocates in communities across the region and has expanded this network by developing a Highlands Advocates Program, where local advocates connect with other activists and receive support from the Coalition to increase their effectiveness in their community to create positive change. The goal of the Highlands Advocates Program is to have citizens become more involved in advocating for the protection of their community’s Highlands characteristics.

Through the Highlands Advocates Program, participants will learn more about the critical issues impacting the region in workshops/webinars offered by the Coalition. The Advocate will be a strong representative in their community for the responsible stewardship and protection of Highlands resources. The Coalition will provide training on policy and science, campaign organizing, public outreach, the municipal conformance process, and municipal land use law. Through this collaboration between the Coalition and Advocates we will establish a more agile and effective bulwark against the inappropriate developments that threaten the valuable resources of the region.

The Coalition is always reaching out to motivated community members across the Highlands to participate in this exciting program. If you are interested in learning more and becoming involved as a Highlands Advocate in your community, please contact Zachary Cole by phone at (973)588-7190 ext. 3 or by e-mail at zac@njhighlandscoalition.org.

The Highlands Advocates Program is now hosting webinars! We still hold in-person meetings on occasion, but one of the benefits of hosting a webinar is that advocates from all over the Highlands region can participate in a meeting without having to be physically present. Another great benefit is that the webinar content is archived, allowing us to make it available on our website!

If you are unable to join us or are interested in the Highlands Advocates Program, view our webinars below!

Webinar : Highlands Advocates and Open Space

October 23, 2014 Webinar (slide presentation only)