Special Information Sessions on HABs in New Jersey

What is a HAB? (Hint: Harmful Algal Bloom)

The NJ Highlands Coalition is pleased to present a series of forums about the science that cause HABs in New Jersey. A panel of highly regarded experts in the fields of Aquatic Ecology, Lake Management, and Stormwater Infrastructure will provide some insight into this issue that is plaguing communities around several Highlands lakes, and discuss solutions.

Our panel:

  • Christopher Obropta, PhD, P.E. (Rutgers Cooperative Extension),
  • Stephen Souza, PhD. (Clean Water Consulting, LLC)
  • James Cosgrove, Jr., P.E. (Vice President, Kleinfelder)

Links to the presentations can be found here

For more information about these events contact info@njhighlandscoalition.org or call 973.588,7190