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Highlands Advocates​

Are you involved in your community’s environmental issues? Do you attend regular meetings on issues in your municipality? Would it be helpful to have the support and coordination of the NJ Highlands Coalition for your efforts? If so the Highlands Advocates program is a perfect fit for you. We are looking for active environmental volunteers to join our network of Highlands Advocates!

The New Jersey Highlands Coalition depends on dedicated, local representatives in communities across the region and is continuously expanding its network and developing the Highlands Advocate Program.

Through the Highlands Advocate Program, individuals can learn about the critical issues impacting the Highlands region and how to stand up for resource protection and sustainable development. The program is completely voluntary and training is conducted through a series of self-directed slideshows and webinars provided below, we will add more as we develop them. The Coalition is always looking for motivated community members throughout the Highlands and in Northern New Jersey to participate in this exciting program.

Benefits of becoming an advocate:

• Access to webinars/seminars on environmental law and policy, science and current threats to the Highlands.

• Be part of a network of other prominent environmental community members and fellow advocates.

• Gain support of the NJ Highlands Coalition for your advocacy efforts in your Highlands’ municipality.

• As a Highlands Advocate you will also be invited to special networking events and in person workshops, information about those will be updated soon.

Local advocates connect with other activists and receive support from the Coalition to increase their effectiveness in their community to create positive change.

If you are interested in learning more and becoming involved as a Highlands Advocate in your community, please contact Zachary Cole by phone at (973) 588-7190 ext. 3 or by e-mail at dylan@njhighlandscoalition.org.