Current issues and efforts that the New Jersey Highlands Coalition is actively engaged:

  • Encouraging municipal conformance to the Highlands Regional Master Plan
  • The education of Highlands residents and Highlands water users throughout New Jersey on the economic and health benefits of preserving the quality and quantity of clean water in the Highlands
  • Support for long-term funding of the Garden State Preservation Trust
  • Voicing concern about possible conflicts of interest among certain elected officials on the Highlands Council
  • Encouraging new appointments to the Highlands Council that achieve the balance between elected official and public seats as specified in the Highlands Act
  • Support for affordable housing opportunities that are in balance with natural resource protections and long term sustainability for the region and its communities
  • Support for redevelopment opportunities that enhance our region’s character
  • Supporting the economic viability of the Highlands region through sustainable agriculture, sustainable communities and the development of agro-, eco- and heritage tourism
  • Support for clean energy production in New Jersey
  • Support for transportation projects that encourage mass transit options and discourage sprawl
  • Support the preservation of our region’s cultural and historical resources
  • Monitoring of local, regional, state and federal regulations to ensure continued protection of Highlands resources
  • Voicing our concerns about inappropriate development projects within the region that put at risk Highlands resources including:

    Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company’s proposed 16 mile new 30″ pipeline project through Vernon, West Milford and Ringwood, through primarily core forested areas of the Hghlands in Sussex and Passaic Counties;

    Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Company’s (Transco) proposal to construct a 6.8 mile pipeline composed of a 42″ diameter pipe through the southern Highlands in Clinton, Franklin, and Union. This proposal is part of the Northeast Supply Link Project which will upgrade over 25 miles of existing pipeline. This proposed pipeline will scar some of the most sensitive and scenic land in the New Jersey Highands. It threatens our invaluable water supply, critical wildlife habitat, our communities and our public health and safety;

    Re-establishing the Lackawanna Cut-Off Railroad Line, which will encourage new sprawl development in the Highlands with a new commuter train station proposed for Andover Borough;

    PSE&G’s propsed 500Kv Susquehanna to Roseland power line project, which will replace its current 80′ towers with 190′ towers, creating a visual scar across some of our most treasured vistas and recreational trails, it will have significant impacts upon Highlands resources during its construction, and possibly pose health risks due to exposure to higher levels of electro magnetic fields (EMF) to those who live and work in the vicinity of the proposed line. Credible data has shown that the additional power is not needed and that demand has decreased over the last several years, the proposed project is in violation of the New Jersey Energy Master Plan, and most of the power it will carry comes from dirty coal plants outside of New Jersey for export to New York and other areas.

To learn more about our involvement in these and other issues that affect the New Jersey Highlands, and our efforts to advocate on behalf of our members and our member organizations, please feel free to contact us.

New Jersey Highlands Coalition
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