Job Opening: Project Manager for the Lopatcong Creek Initiative

We’re Hiring a Project Manager for the Lopatcong Creek Initiative:

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Project Manager: Lopatcong Creek Initiative (DRWI, Delaware River Watershed Initiative) and Policy Assistant

The Lopatcong Creek Initiative (LCI) is a program of the New Jersey Highlands Coalition that promotes a watershed ethic in the municipalities that share land in the Lopatcong Creek Watershed in southwestrer Warren County. LCI operates as a partner organization in the regional cluster of organizations that are collaborating on projects in the Highlands region and Paulins Kill watersheds, funded by the William Penn Foundation under the four-state DRWI.

The Project Manager (PM) will oversee the Lopatcong Creek Initiative program including all activities and events (75% of time). The project manager will report to the Project Director, and attend all related meetings and events with Delaware River Watershed Initiative (DRWI) Highlands Cluster partner organizations as well as the DRWI Annual Winter Gathering. The PM will work towards achieving the stated results and milestones for LCI and NJHC in the current Action Plan for funding under the DRWI and with Cluster partners, collaborate on the future planning for successive phases of DRWI funding. The PM will assist in the preparation of all DRWI grant reports.

The PM will oversee LCI’s in-school education program, providing presentations on water pollution using an enviroscape model, additional lessons (e.g benthic macroinvertebrates), and maintain LCI project rain gardens installed at the schools.

The PM will oversee the Citizen Science Program which includes recruiting and instructing volunteers to maintain the monitoring station and to collect and store additional data as well as other sampling activities conducted with DRWI partners. The PM will work with Stroud Water Research Center to produce and present reports highlighting water quality concerns with recommended restoration activities to area stakeholders and to promote their taking action.

The PM will be responsible for maintaining multiple rain garden projects and to recruit volunteers from community groups, students and others to assist in the maintenance (rain gardens require regular weeding and seasonal cleanups). The PM will attend community events offering tabling opportunities for public outreach, including the Warren County Farmer’s Fair. The PM will maintain a high level of community engagement by organizing various events throughout the year, including stream cleanups and webinars.

The PM will build, maintain, and strengthen relationships with municipal officials, including environmental commissioners, and seek their participation in projects that promote a watershed ethic in the community. The PM will also seek cooperative projects with the region’s AmeriCorps Watershed Ambassador.

The PM will manage the program’s online communications including maintaining and updating the LCI website, maintaining an active social media presence, and sending periodic updates to email subscribers. The PM will always seek opportunities to expand the reach of the program’s online and social media presence.

The PM will help promote NJHC’s statewide and regional policy objectives at the direction of the Policy Director (25% of time), within the Highlands Cluster of the DRWI.

As a remotely located member of the NJHC staff, the PM will regularly confer with the Policy Director, undertake Policy initiatives as directed by the Policy Director, and participate in NJHC staff meetings and other meetings and events as directed by the Executive Director. The PM will complete necessary courses in the NJHC database management platform, Razor’s Edge.

The New Jersey Highlands Coalition is an equal opportunity employer, committed to a diverse and inclusive workspace. All qualified applicants will be considered for employment without discrimination based on regard to race, ethnicity, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, military/veteran status, or on any basis prohibited by applicable law.

Acknowledging the importance of diverse perspectives, NJHC is committed to employing individuals from various backgrounds and with a variety of experiences.

Interested candidates should send their resume to Julia Somers:

40 hrs per week

Salary: $40,000 pa

Benefits offered (health ins., vacation, IRA)