New Jersey Forestry

The importance of natural forest stewardship in adaptation planning in the United States

Summary of Science Debate Issues in NJ Forest Watch (NJFW) Response to NJFTF Final Report

Report to the Joint Senate Environment and Energy and Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committees

NJ Forest Stewardship Task Force Report

9 Common Forestry Myths

Climate Emergency Management of NJ’s Public Forests

Curb Climate Change the Easy Way: Don’t Cut Down Big Trees (

Intact Forests in the United States: Proforestation Mitigates Climate Change and Serves the Greatest Good

Forest-clearing to create early successional habitats: Questionable benefits, significant costs

Wild Carbon: A Synthesis of Recent Findings

Rate of tree carbon accumulation increases continuously with tree size

The Role of Old Forests and Big Trees in Carbon Sequestration in the Pacific Northwest

Carbon Storage in US Wetlands

Carbon, Climate and Forest Management: Analysis of Key New Scientific Findings (2019)

Forest Science Literature: A collection of academic papers on the subject of climate change and forest management

Effects of Road Density and Pattern on the Conservation of Species and Biodiversity

Policy Principles for Successful Stewardship of New Jersey’s Public Forests, Nov 2021

The Complex Relationship Between Climate and Sugar Maple Health


Video Resources include our Forest Forum and webinar series:

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Wild Carbon: A Synthesis of Recent findings with Mark Anderson

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Other Relevant Videos from External Sources

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