Organization Membership

The New Jersey Highlands Coalition and its member organizations form valuable partnerships:

  • We represent your organization’s interest in the preservation of the Highlands’ resources
  • You are the Coalition’s eyes and ears within your sphere of interest.

Why Become a Member?

By joining the New Jersey Highlands Coalition you are joining a powerful platform of like-minded organizations with which you can network, share experiences and promote your mission. In addition to supplying a unique forum for the exchange of ideas, the Coalition assists its members directly by providing support and access to information and resources that can aid them in accomplishing their own missions.  Your membership also reinforces the Coalition’s extensive legislative advocacy and public outreach efforts to build a sustainable Highlands, now and for the future. If the New Jersey Highlands mean anything to you and if you want to see northern New Jersey’s water supply and other resources protected, please get involved now.

Our Affiliate members include grassroots, regional, statewide and national groups; located both within and outside of the Highlands. An Affiliate member organization automatically holds a seat on our Policy Committee, which meets regularly to discuss and determine the focus of the Coalition’s work. Through this forum, Voting Members play a vital role in formulating the direction and work of the Coalition. Associate members enjoy all of the benefits of Affiliate membership but do not have the added responsibility of attending Policy Committee meetings and of voting.

(Click here for a list of our current member organizations.)

Rights, Benefits and Responsibilities

    Voting  (Affiliate) Non-Voting  (Associate)
Benefits available to ALL Coalition members
Subscription to Highlands Lookout Yes Yes
Monthly Coalition Email Update (optional) Yes Yes
Coalition Action Alerts (optional) Yes Yes
Access to Special Reports Yes Yes
Access to Archival Materials Yes Yes
How your Membership Benefits your Organization
Networking Opportunities Yes Yes
Increased visibility Yes Yes
Voice in Trenton Yes Yes
Eligibility for Coalition Small Grants Program Yes Yes
Promotion of your special events by the Coalition thru its Newsletter, website, e-news Yes As appropriate
Access to Coalition materials to distribute to your membership Yes Yes
Access to Coalition expertise and advice Yes Yes
How your Membership Benefits the Coalition
Sets Coalition policy direction through votes in the Board, Policy Committee and Annual Meetings Yes No
Increases pool of candidates eligible for a Coalition Board Seat Yes Yes
Promotes the Coalition by displaying the Coalition Logo on member’s Web site Yes Optional
Participates in Coalition Work Groups and Committees Yes Optional

Click HERE for information regarding the annual dues

We hope that your organization will choose to formalize its membership in the New Jersey Highlands Coalition by becoming a member.  Your membership will keep you in touch with everything we do, and make your and our Highlands advocacy even more effective.  Please complete an Application Form and return it to us along with your membership dues.