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Highlands Coalition Presentations

With 88 municipalities spread across seven counties in New Jersey, not including the hundreds of thousands of New Jersey residents who rely on the Highlands for clean water, raising awareness of the region and its benefits is no small task.

Our programs serve as an introduction to the history, ecology and importance of the Highlands Region and the creation of the Highlands Act, intended to protect sources of water for over 70% of the state’s population. Our programs are also a great starting point for becoming an active citizen through the Highlands Advocates Program, or for starting up your grassroots organization around a common community cause.

All our programs are offered for free to both public and private groups of all ages, backgrounds and experiences. They are customizable to the interests and knowledge level of our audiences.

If you would like to collaborate with us on bringing a program to your group, please reach out to Manager of Outreach and Education Dylan Medici at (973) 588-7190 ext. 3 or at Dylan@njhighlandscoalition.org.

NJ Highlands Educational Display

NJ Highlands Coalition Educational Display

The Highlands Rediscovered

We often show the award-winning 30-minute high definition documentary by NJN, Highlands Rediscovered, as a springboard for an open discussion (we bring everything–projector, sound system, screen), or we can customize our presentation to suit specific audiences.

We have presented at over a hundred locations, both within and outside the Highlands.