Petition Gov. Murphy and NJ DEP to pass the Emergency Flood and Stormwater Regulations

New Jersey communities are among the most at-risk in the nation for death and damages caused by increased flooding due to climate change.

New Jersey is the most densely-populated and developed state in the nation, with more people living in flood-prone areas than anywhere else. Flooding caused by increasingly intense and frequent storms will threaten the quality of our water supplies, causing death and billions of dollars in property damage in the coming years.

New Jersey is still relying on rules for building in flood plains and managing stormwater that are over 20 years out of date, and do not take into account the current precipitation projections.

The NJDEP was about to adopt emergency regulations in advance of the 2022 Hurricane Season to regulate development in consideration of current precipitation data, but indefinitely postponed adopting them after the development lobby appealed to the Governor.

Take action now by urging Governor Murphy and DEP Commissioner Shawn LaTourette to adopt the new emergency stormwater and flood hazard area rules to protect our life and property.

Write your letter to Governor Murphy and DEP Commissioner Shawn LaTourette

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