Stop the Jaindl Warehouses

Tell NJDEP why they need to deny Jaindl’s application to pump sewage into the ground.

DEADLINE is August 20, 2022

None of our concerns, our comments or our stories are inconsequential to this process. Please have everyone in your family, your neighborhood and beyond write a comment to NJDEP.  It doesn’t have to be long email/letter to have an impact.

The purpose of sharing your comment is:

  1. Tell DEP about your concerns how this project might impact:
    1. Your well water
    2. The White Township Wellhead Protection Area
    3. Contaminate of the groundwater
    4. The health of the Delaware River and Buckhorn Creek
    5. Your quality of life
    6. The rural character of your community
    7. The loss of Prime Agricultural lands
    8. The dark night skies
    9. The wildlife that you enjoy seeing
  2. To let DEP know how many residents in White Township and beyond share these concerns and don’t want this project built.
  3. Even if you live in a different area, you might talk about the impacts to the watershed and say why these rural, agricultural areas in the Garden State are so important to preserve.


  • If you send by U.S. Mail, make sure you send so DEP receives it by Aug. 20th.
  • All comments must reference the Jaindl Amendment request: “Program Interest No. 435437, Activity No. AMD210001”

NJ Department of Environmental Protection

Division of Watershed Protection and Restoration

Bureau of NJPDES Stormwater Permitting and Water Quality Management

PO Box 420, Mail Code 501-02A

501 East State St.

Trenton, NJ 08625-0420




Program Interest No. 435437

Activity No. AMD210001

Dear Mr. Mahon:

My name is_____________, I live on ___________, just ___ miles from the farm fields where Jaindl wants to build these warehouses.

I am concerned about the potential negative impacts to the Delaware River and the Buckhorn Creek and area’s drinking water wells from the proposed groundwater sewage disposal system planned. These proposed warehouses are going to be built on top of very porous karst rock formations so, over time, that sewage could reach the river or well water supply. Stormwater runoff too, which typically has motor oil, antifreeze and heavy metals, could also reach the Delaware River or groundwater.  There were photos shown at the DEP Public Hearing on August 5th showing underground streams flowing from under this property into the Delaware. And those photos were taken during a drought!

Pumping 30,000 GPD of sewage will eventually reach the river through those same underground streams. Even if the levels of nutrient pollutants in that sewage are below state water quality standards like Jaindl said, it is still a new source of pollutants that should not be allowed to reach the river, the Buckhorn Creek or our wells. The river has Special Protection Waters status. How will new pollution impact the river?

Approving this Sewer Service Area will put the drinking water supply at risk, especially when the Wellhead Protection Area expands from the increased well pumping (40,000 GPD) to meet the site’s water needs.

I kindly request NJDEP deny this permit.

Thank you.