Uphold The Highlands

Uphold the Highlands Campaign Outreach Director, George Stafford, continues to introduce the Coalition’s ‘Resolution of Continuing Support for the Goals and Purposes of the 2004 Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act’ in communities that depend on water from the Highlands.

George has been very successful in his work to engage municipalities that depend on Highlands water, and help them understand the importance of protecting this essential resource. Well over 100 resolutions in support of the Highlands have been passed, including by two of NJ’s largest cities Jersey City and Newark! This is a very positive networking effort. If you have any news or ideas for your community regarding actions such as these inside or outside the Highlands that might aid our efforts, please contact George Stafford at (george@njhighlandscoalition.org).

Further, George reaches out with information and resolutions of support to municipal and county officials and community organizations about the Keep It Green Campaign, support for continued Green Acres funding, the State’s Payment In Lieu of Taxes program, and support for a resolution seeking release by the State of its Water Supply Master Plan.

Even more helpful would be if you will introduce George to any personal political contacts you may have. He has enjoyed great success, but we still need your help.